Locals Pressure Wisconsin Store Owner Over Decision to Disallow Concealed Carry

A Wisconsin jewelry store owner is under fire from customers for opting out of the state’s recently-passed concealed carry law.

Bret Eulberg, owner of Robert Haack Diamonds in Greenfield, Wis., says he has been getting angry messages threatening a boycott of the store. The new law allows residents to carry concealed firearms in public, but business owners still have a say whether or not they want to observe the law in their stores.

"We're getting phone calls saying we're not going to come to your store supporting you because you're against gun rights,” Eulberg told Fox6Now.com. “We're not against gun rights. My contention is if a bad guy is in my store and you're a good Samaritan in my store and you see the bad guy whipping out the gun, we already have security procedures in place to protect ourselves."

Eulberg added that he didn’t want firearms in a store where customers can negotiate the prices of jewelry.

To reach customers on both sides of the law, Eulberg told Fox6Now.com he’s considering allowing open carry during half of his business hours.

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