Lawyers for a Pennsylvania-based Muslim cleric accused by Turkey of masterminding a failed coup say they remain confident he won't be extradited.

President-elect Donald Trump's choice for national security adviser recently denounced Fethullah Gulen (feh-TOOL'-lah goo-LEHN') as a "masked source of terror" and said the U.S. shouldn't allow him to remain.

Former Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was highly critical of Gulen in an Election Day op-ed for The Hill.

The Turkish president contends Gulen orchestrated an attempted military coup in July and has demanded his extradition. President Barack Obama's administration has not complied.

Gulen denies any involvement in the plot.

His lawyer Jason Weinstein calls Flynn's comments about Gulen "troubling" but said Friday that the extradition process is a legal matter in the hands of the Department of Justice.