A victim of Jerry Sandusky, one of his former defense lawyers and a psychology professor testified Thursday as the former Penn State assistant football coach sought a new trial in his child sexual abuse case.

Sandusky, 73, argued his former defense lawyers did not properly represent him, and he wants a do-over of the 2012 trial that produced a 45-count conviction.

The young man identified as Victim 7, who testified against Sandusky five years ago, said his statements evolved because at first he "wasn't willing to go there," Pennlive.com reported.

He said that changed, in part, because of counseling and therapy.

University of California, Irvine professor Elizabeth Loftus told the judge by phone that there is no credible scientific support for a theory that someone can wall off a "horrific brutalization" and then recall it later because of counseling and therapy.

A lawyer who represented Sandusky during earlier appeals testified concerning the defense strategy regarding one of the victims — a young man reportedly seen by a janitor being abused in a university shower. The janitor was unable to testify at trial, but a judge allowed a co-worker to recount what the janitor told him.

Judge John Foradora said there would be no more testimony, but that he might schedule oral argument. He directed the sides to file written briefs.

Foradora said he hopes to decide the appeal by late summer.