Jury deliberating case of Alabama police officer who slammed Indian grandfather to ground

Jurors are set for deliberations in the trial of an Alabama police officer accused of using excessive force against and Indian grandfather.

Madison police officer Eric Parker has said he took 58-year-old Sureshbhai Patel (suh-REHSH'-by pah-TEL') to the ground after he resisted officers during a suspicious person investigation. The jury has been given the case and is expected to continue deliberating Thursday morning.

Patel has denied resisting and said through an interpreter that he didn't understand officers' orders because he doesn't speak English.

Prosecutors have argued that Parker violated Patel's civil rights by using excessive force when he took the man down.

Parker has denied using a leg sweep to take Patel down and said he slipped and fell. However, Parker acknowledged using a similar takedown maneuver in the past.