John McAfee calls taxes 'illegal,' says it's been 8 years since he filed a return

Millionaire anti-virus software tycoon John McAfee unleashed a barrage of criticism of the IRS in a series of tweets Thursday and bragged that he has not filed a tax return in eight years.

"I have not filed a tax return for 8 years," McAfee wrote before calling taxes illegal and complaining about government services. He noted that he lives off the money made from McAfee Inc.  - the company he founded and resigned from in 1994 - and called himself a "prime target" for the IRS before writing "Here I am."


In another tweet, McAfee likened the tax agency to the Nazi SS and said its beginnings are rooted as an intimidation arm of the government during Prohibition. He cited the Civil War period as an example to abolish the income tax: "prior to the civil war there was no income tax, yet we managed. Stay tuned for the truth."

McAfee has posted several bizarre tweets in recent years. Over Twitter in 2018, he accused his enemies of spiking something he ingested in an attempt to kill him.