India protests UN failure to blacklist Pakistan militant

India is protesting the blocking of its bid to have a Pakistani militant leader put on the U.N. terrorism blacklist following an attack on an Indian air force base.

New Delhi wants the U.N. Security Council committee monitoring sanctions against extremist groups to designate Masood Azhar (mah-SOOD AHZ-HAHR) as a terrorist. He is leader of the Pakistan-based group Jaish-e-Mohammad (j-eye-EESH eh moh-hah-MAHD), which is already blacklisted.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Vikas Swarup says the failure to designate Azhar is "incomprehensible" and demonstrates "a selective approach to combating terrorism."

He was speaking Friday on the sidelines of a nuclear security summit in Washington.

An Indian diplomat says China put a "technical hold" on the designation. The diplomat was not authorized to comment on the issue and requested anonymity.