Idaho teacher who used word 'vagina' during biology lesson faces reprimand

An Idaho biology teacher is reportedly being probed by a state commission after parents complained he used the word “vagina” during a lesson on the human reproductive system.

Tim McDaniel said four parents were offended by his explanation of the biology of an orgasm, which included the word “vagina” during his lesson in a 10th-grade class at the Dietrich School, he told the Twin Falls Times-News.

According to a letter to McDaniel from the Idaho State Department of Education, the teacher also allegedly shared confidential student files with an individual other than their parents, showed a video clip in class depicting an infection of genital herpes, taught different forms of birth control and told inappropriate jokes in class.

Dietrich Superintendent Neil Hollingshead said it was “highly unlikely” that the investigation would result in McDaniel’s dismissal.

“Maybe a letter of reprimand from the school board,” Hollingshead told the newspaper.

McDaniel, for his part, said he has taught the school’s science class for the past 18 years without a complaint from teachers or students.

“I teach straight out of the textbook, I don’t include anything that the textbook doesn’t mention,” McDaniel said. “But I give every student the option not attend this class when I teach on the reproductive system if they don’t feel comfortable with the material.”

McDaniel said the commission is also investigating a complaint accusing him of using school property to promote a political candidate in connection to the film “An Inconvenient Truth,” which he showed in class.

Although he believes his job is safe, McDaniel said he doesn’t believe it’s fair if he’s forced to sign a letter of reprimand.

“I’ve done nothing wrong,” he told the Twin Falls Times-News. “I told them I won’t sign it.”

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