Idaho State University instructor shoots himself in foot

It was one way of starting the school year off with a bang.

An instructor at Idaho State University was injured in a classroom Tuesday after the gun in his pocket fired, wounding the man in the foot.

The Idaho State Journal reported that the instructor, who was not named, had an enhanced concealed carry permit.

Arriving Pocatello police officers found the instructor in the Physical Science Complex with a non-life threatening injury.

"I'm glad he shot himself and nobody else," Chad Conner, a student at the school, told the paper.

The instructor was released from the hospital that same night.

Adrienne King, a university spokeswoman, said the school is not releasing the name of the instructor because the matter is a personnel issue. Police also refused to release the name.

King said there could be an administrative review after police complete their investigation.

The chemistry lab has 19 registered students, but it wasn't clear how many were in the lab at the time the gun discharged, King said.

King said the school has an alert system, but didn't use it because police quickly determined the shooting was an isolated incident.

Allowing guns on campuses has been a hot-button issue throughout the country.

Despite opposition from every public university college president, lawmakers passed legislation earlier this year allowing retired law enforcement officers and people with concealed-carry permits to take firearms onto public college and university campuses, but not into dormitories or stadiums.

Arthur Vailas, the president of the university, said he is against guns on campus and told the paper when the law passed in July, an accident "was bound to happen."

"It's unfortunate," he told the paper. "I'm sure the incident was scary and embarrassing."

The Associated Press contributed to this report