Hunter cuts Washington state $6,000 check for decades-old deer killing

A contrite hunter who 40 years ago killed three whitetail deer illegally in Washington mailed the state’s wildlife department a check for $6,000, or roughly what he would earn today had he poached the deer today, The Spokesman-Review reported.

Identified in the report only as Roy from Montana, he apparently asked that the money be earmarked for wildlife enforcement in the area.

Capt. Richard Mann, from the Washington Fish and Wildlife Department, told the paper that the hunter insisted on paying even though the statute of limitations had clearly expired.

"I was amazed," Mann told the paper. "It's not uncommon for me to hear from people who are sorry for a wildlife infraction, but usually it's because the judge stuck them with a big fine."

The paper reported that the check, which was received last week at the department's headquarters in Olympia, had a message on it.

"My conscience has not allowed me to put this sin to rest until now. I know that God has forgiven me and hope that WDFW will as well."

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