‘Hump Day’ phrase irritating some teachers at Connecticut school

Students at a Connecticut elementary school have been irritating teachers because they imitate the Geico 'Hump Day' commercial featuring a camel that walks around an office and asks workers what day it is.

Some students at the Vernon Center Middle School reportedly disregard what day it is when they use the phrase, and use it on days that are not technically 'hump days.'

"Sometimes it's the counting down to when it is," Brooke Lewis, a student at the school told WFSB.com. One parent told the station, "Just keep it to Wednesdays and we'll be all right."

There were unsubstantiated reports that the school district banned the phrase, but some students told WFSB.com that a few kids were sent to the principal’s office. Teachers apparently want to stop the problem before it gets worse.

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