High school student suspended for making desktop background a gun picture

An Arizona high school student is speaking out after he was suspended from school for making a picture of a gun and an American flag the desktop background on his school-issued computer.

ABC15 reports freshman Daniel McClaine Jr. was initially suspended for three days for the photo, which shows a flag and an AK-47.

District policy forbids students from “sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures,” and accessing, sending, creating or forwarding pictures deemed “harassing, threatening, or illegal.”

McClaine argues the photo, which he says he found on the Internet, does not violate this policy. His suspension was reduced after his father complained to the school.

“To me it's ridiculous. Three days for a picture? It wasn't like he was standing in front of the school holding the gun,” Daniel McClaine Sr told ABC15. “He should have got a warning. He shouldn't have ever been suspended. Not for something so frivolous.”

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