Handcuffed suspect runs out of courtroom, nose dives off 2nd-floor railing in stunning video

A handcuffed man trying to run out of a Utah courthouse nosedived over a second-floor railing, fracturing his skull and breaking his leg and pelvis -- and the whole incident was captured in a stunning video.

Police said Christopher Clay Rudd was in in the Spanish Fork court Monday answering to allegations he failed to follow through on court-ordered treatment after he was arrested on drug charges.

In a video surveillance released Thursday, Rudd is seen calmly walking out of the courtroom as bailiffs run after him. The footage quickly cuts to him falling over the railing as two officers tend to him on the first floor.

He appears to be dazed or unconscious after he lands.

Police spokesman Matt Johnson says it's unclear whether Rudd was trying to injure himself. He could face additional charges for trying to escape.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.