Gunman kills 8-year-old after car accident

An 8-year-old Houston girl survived a car crash Saturday morning — only to be shot and killed minutes later.

DeMaree Adkins was in the backseat of her mother Toyia Thomas’ Black Honda Accord on the Beltway feeder road when two cars traveling south slammed into them, ABC13 reported.

After the impact, a female driver in one of the cars suddenly whipped out a gun, and started blasting away, local police said.

“I looked over and thought she was trying to help,” Thomas said of the gunwoman. “She pulled a gun out of the window and she started shooting. Each one of those bullets hit the back of my car where my baby was.”

At first the mom didn’t realize her child was struck.

“I pulled her out of the car… I thought she was still asleep,” Thomas said.

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