Guards Look for Intruder at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida

Florida-- Major John Newton tells FOX 35 that a work crew stopped to go through security at Patrick Air Force Base. Everyone in the work truck was asked to show their IDs so they could get inside the base. In the process, one worker in the car handed over his ID, then jumped out of the car and took off running.

"He was with other individuals. As we were doing a security check of the vehicles and a personnel check he was the only one in the truck that fled the scene," said Major Newton.
Instead of running off base, USAF officials said the man ducked security and jumped over a five foot security wall to get onto the air force base.

"I believe the individual, whatever his issue was did not want to face security scrutiny at our security at our installation gate and fled the scene," said Major Newton.

He says immediately Air Force security, the office of special investigations, the Brevard County Sheriff's Office and Satellite Beach Police were called in to help search for the suspect. Major Newton says all buildings were searched and the man could not be found on installation.

Major Newton believes the man jumped over another wall to get off base. The big questions: Why did this man run? Is he in trouble with the law or here illegally?

"No, I don't believe so," said Newton. "He had a resident, legal resident alien card, so I don't believe he was an illegal alien."

The driver of the truck and the other other workers in the vehicle were allowed on base to do their work. Right now, Major Newton says he's not sure if the USAF will file charges when, or if, they find the man who breached base security.

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