FOX NEWS FIRST: Shutdown talks to resume at White House; A warning for Pelosi and empowered Dems

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Developing now, Friday, Jan. 4, 2019

  • House Democrats pass a plan to reopen the government without funding for President Trump's border wall; congressional leaders are scheduled to meet at the White House Friday to resume negotiations to end the two-week government shutdown
  • Nancy Pelosi is once again House speaker and Democrats are feeling empowered as the new majority in the House of Representatives. One Republican strategist warns that Dems may be in for a big surprise in their quest to block President Trump's agenda
  • A longtime NBC News contributor quits, slamming the network as a defender of Washington and lamenting on the current state of journalism
  • Asian markets appear to have steadied early Friday following Thursday's technology-led selloff on Wall Street after Apple CEO Tim Cook downgraded sales projections
  • Authorities are investigating a fiery, multivehicle crash that left at least seven people dead and seven others injured in Florida


THE LEAD STORY – THE WALL BETWEEN TRUMP AND PELOSI: Newly empowered House Democrats late Thursday passed a bill to reopen the government without funding President Trump's border wall ... In a news conference Thursday night, newly-elected House Speaker Nancy Pelosi broadly discussed the ongoing partial government shutdown, which has dragged on since Dec. 22.  Even as she said she would be willing to fund border security, Pelosi called a border wall a symptom of an "old way of thinking" and promised not to fund it. "We're not doing a wall. Does anyone have any doubt that we're not doing a wall?" Pelosi told reporters.

Earlier Thursday, President Trump made a surprise appearance in the White House briefing room to congratulate Pelosi on once again becoming House speaker and to stand by his repeated calls to fund a border wall. At the president's request, Pelosi and other congressional leaders are scheduled to return to the White House on Friday morning to resume talks to end the shutdown.

A WARNING TO PELOSI AND HOUSE DEMS: Republican strategist Colin Reed says House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats should not celebrate too long. They are about to be reminded that governing is a lot more difficult than making campaign promises - and Democrats are far from being united ... In an op-ed on, Reed writes: "House Democrats are about to find out that governing is harder than campaigning. Their majority is paved through 31 districts won by Trump in 2016 that flipped blue in 2018, many of which had resided in the GOP column for generations."

"These red districts are not fertile political ground for the deep blue policies pushed by progressives," Reed continues. "Furthermore, many of these new members of Congress explicitly pledged to oppose Pelosi in order convinces voters of their electability – pledges that are about to be put to the test. Already, the intra-party Democratic fault lines are evident."

ANALYST DISILLUSIONED WITH JOURNALISM AND 'TRUMP CIRCUS': Longtime military analyst William Arkin has stepped down from his role at NBC News with a scathing letter criticizing the current state of journalism as well as President Donald Trump ... Arkin, a U.S. Army veteran who has worked for NBC as a reporter and commentator over the course of three decades, wrote a 2,228-word internal memo obtained by CNN on Wednesday, declaring that the world and the current state of journalism have been in “tandem crisis.” “My expertise, though seeming to be all the more central to the challenges and dangers we face, also seems to be less valued at the moment. And I find myself completely out of synch with the network, being neither a day-to-day reporter nor interested in the Trump circus,” Arkin wrote. - Reported by Joseph A. Wulfsohn

APPLE JITTERS ON WALL STREET: Japanese shares tumbled and Shanghai's benchmark surged Friday as Asian markets steadied following a technology-led sell-off on Wall Street ... The Nikkei 225 index started its first trading day of 2019 by falling more than 3 percent. By midday, it was trading 2.8 percent lower at 19,465.36 as technology and electronics makers slumped. But Hong Kong's Hang Seng jumped 1.3 percent to 25,380.37. The Shanghai Composite rebounded 1.8 percent to 2,509.02.

Friday morning's developments come after U.S. stocks got slammed across the board on Thursday as investors reacted to Apple’s rare guidance cut and amid rising concerns that the U.S. economy may face new headwinds in 2019.

DEADLY PILEUP ON I-75: At least seven people were killed and seven others were injured Thursday in a multivehicle crash on Interstate 75 near Gainesville, Florida, investigators said ... The Florida Highway Patrol said two tractor-trailer rigs and two passenger vehicles were involved in the crash, which unfolded about a mile south of Alachua. Alachua County Fire Rescue reported that flames ignited after 50 gallons of diesel fuel spilled on the highway. Emergency crews extinguished the fire and said they were treating the crash as a homicide investigation, but did not say why. The fire was so intense that authorities said it damaged parts of the road. At one point, the Alachua County Sheriff's Office dispatched a helicopter to look for potential victims in the woods off the highway. - Reported by Samuel Chamberlain


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