Four People Shot, One Fatally, Near Parade Route in Washington, D.C.

One man was killed and three other people wounded during a shooting in the vicinity of a parade route in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, but authorities said the incident was not connected to the Caribbean Carnival or Howard University, which is also nearby.

Police said at least three of the victims were innocent bystanders -- possibly caught in the middle of a battle between neighborhood crews, reported. The fourth victim, who ran from the scene, is being interviewed.

"We believe three of the four are innocent bystanders," Assistant Police Chief Diane Groomes said.

Police responded to reports of shots being fired shortly after 5:00pm local time near Georgia Avenue where thousands had gathered for the annual festival.

The parade had passed by when gunfire erupted but many people were still in the area at the time.

Groomes said investigators believed the shooting stemmed from a neighborhood issue and had no connection to the festival or the university.

In addition to the man who was killed, two males and one female were wounded, authorities told The Washington Post, with one of the people wounded reportedly in a critical condition.