Florida girl, 2, who lost limbs in lawn mower accident suffers setback

The 2-year-old Florida girl who lost part of both legs in a lawn mower accident this month suffered a setback after her parents say the skin grafts on her right became infected, TampaBay.com reported.

Ireland Nugent had been recovering as planned, but the discovery demanded an unexpected surgery Tuesday and more surgeries in the coming weeks.

"With this setback, it will keep her in the hospital for several more days," the family said in a Facebook update, according to MyFoxTampaBay.com. "While this is minor, we are all disappointed, but we remain focused on the incredible news that she is receiving is fantastic care from her doctors and that all of you continue to lift her in your prayers."

A family spokesman told the Tampa Bay Times that the further surgeries are a "minor setback."

"They were really hoping to get her to come home, but they also realize that with something like this, it's three steps forward, one step back, and then forward again,” the spokesman told the paper.

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The updates also say she is breathing on her own now, but that they are keeping her in intensive care because she lost a lot of blood.

Authorities at the time of the accident told MyFoxTampaBay.com that the girl's father was driving his riding lawnmower when the child ran toward him. The man says his daughter fell in front of the lawnmower and he was unable to stop it from running her over.

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