Kansas woman greeted by circus tiger in bathroom, daughter, 3, asks if tiger had popcorn

A Kansas woman who was taking a bathroom break Saturday during the Isis Shrine Circus in Salinas says she came face to face with an escaped tiger when she opened the bathroom door, Q13Fox.com reports.

Jenna Krehbiel told KWCH she found the tiger standing about 2 feet away upon entering the room. "I turned around calmly and walked back toward the door," she said, crediting her calm reaction to training she had being a social worker. "Someone opened the door and said, 'Get out.'"

The tiger had escaped into the women's restroom despite the effort by staff workers at the event to block the concourses.

Krehbiel's daughter, 3, asked the mom if the tiger washed its hands after using the bathroom, and the mom replied, "Of course." The daughter followed the question with another: Did he have any popcorn? "Yes, he did," she told KWCH.

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