Father of NYC Stabbing Spree Victim Collapses at Funeral

NEW YORK -- A man related to two women stabbed to death in a 28-hour rampage through New York City has collapsed at their funeral between their coffins.

Anatoliy Bulchenko is the husband of Anna Bulchenko and the father of Yelena Bulchenko. He had turned to kiss his wife's head as she lay in her coffin Tuesday but collapsed to the floor in tears.

Hundreds of people gathered at a Brooklyn funeral home to mourn the Bulchenkos.

Police say the women were stabbed by Maksim Gelman, who also is accused of killing his stepfather with a knife and killing a pedestrian by running him over in a car during a rampage that began Friday and sparked an all-night manhunt.

Police say Gelman was arrested Saturday on a subway train beneath Times Square.

The Ukraine-born Gelman says it's a "setup."