False gunfire reports at commuter-filled Penn Station spark chaos

Passengers fled Penn Station in a panic Friday night when Amtrak police tased an unruly person, causing false reports of gunshots in the jam-packed transit hub.

The incident caused a mini-stampede at the station at around 6:30 p.m. as passengers were waiting for trains from an earlier delay.

“Ran out of Penn Station w crowd bc of shouts of active shooter,” Caroline Waxler tweeted. “In process separated from shoes, computer, suitcase. All fine, reunited”

Minutes later, panicked shoppers stampeded out of Macy’s Friday after hearing that shots were fired on the department store’s second floor.

“Sitting in Herald Square park and suddenly terrified shoppers began pushing their way out,” tweeted Phoebe Lett. “They shouted ‘Gunshots!'”

The reports of a gunman may have been from people fleeing the Penn Station incident as the NYPD reported no shots were fired.