Details are important, Maryland professor learns the card way

Reb Beatty, an assistant community college professor in Maryland, allows his class to use a 3X5 notecard cheat sheet during tests. But he recently overlooked a key detail.

“First test day of the semester and, as always, I allow a 3x5 notecard,” Beatty wrote in a Facebook post. “Today, a student shows up with this. Sure enough, it is 3x5 ... feet. As precise as I am, apparently I never specified inches and therefore yes, it was allowed.”

Despite the accounting student at Anne Arundel Community College taking advantage of his oversight, Beatty seemed to be a good sport about the whole thing, the Sacramento Bee reported.

“Well-played and lesson learned for me,” he wrote.

People on social media were apparently fond of the male student’s witty idea, as it drew 18,000 likes and 28,000 shares on Facebook as of early Sunday.

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