Deer wanders into downtown Pittsburgh, is shot and killed

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A deer that made its way to downtown Pittsburgh was shot and killed Sunday morning, officials said.

Public safety officials said reports began coming in around 10:30 a.m. Sunday that a deer was seen running around downtown streets.

The city's animal care and control unit officers responded, according to Sonya Toler, public safety spokeswoman for the city. Officers managed to corral the deer in the parking garage of the former Pittsburgh Post-Gazette building, which is vacant.

"While they were trying to make sure the deer didn't cause too much chaos downtown," Toler said, "they were calling places."

Officers called officials from animal control groups, such as the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Pittsburgh Zoo, for assistance, Toler said.

"Unfortunately, there was no agency available that could tranquilize the deer and remove it," she added.

Public safety officers are not authorized to be equipped with tranquilizers, Toler said.

Police feared the deer would run onto a busy roadway. Interstate 376 is located directly behind the building. The animal was put down shortly before 12:30 p.m.