Court accommodations for Hudson at murder trial

The Chicago courthouse where the trial of the man accused of killing Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and nephew is taking place has made certain accommodations for the actress and singer. Some say they violate a principle of equal treatment. Others say they're justified on security grounds. Among the accommodations:

— Hudson arrives each day through an undisclosed entrance, possibly through a back courthouse door. Other speculate she arrives and departs through a labyrinth of tunnels that run to and from an adjoining jailhouse.

— More than a half-dozen of Hudson's personal bodyguards accompany her to court. Some occasionally talk into microphones embedded in their sleeves in the manner of Secret Service agents protecting the president.

— Several of Hudson's personal security keep vigil by an elevator in the hallway, holding it for their boss during breaks and shooing away those not in her entourage.

— During lunch breaks, Hudson avoids the dilapidated first-floor eatery at the courthouse — where others reluctantly consumed microwaved, pre-made burgers — by dining on presumably delivered meals in a private room.

— Hudson waits for proceedings to begin each day in judge's chambers. The rooms behind the trial room are normally off-limits to members of the public.

— Members of the public attending the trial must undergo a full-body pat-down outside the courtroom before entering. Hudson walks past deputies doing the pat-downs, though it's possible she goes through security elsewhere.


Source: AP reporting.