Cops find 100 marijuana plants in home after homeowner shoots and kills burglar

Police reportedly discovered 100 marijuana plants in a Modesto, Calif., home after the homeowner fatally shot a would-be burglar.

The intruder was attempting to crawl through a broken window when the homeowner shot him in the stomach. The man then jumped over a fence and into a neighbor's yard, where he collapsed, The Modesto Bee reports.

Neighbors attempted to save the man.

"I got a towel and put pressure on his wound," neighbor Savon Baldwin told Fox 40.

The intruder reportedly died at the hospital.

Police think the burglar was after marijuana plants found in the house. The plants were found growing in two bedrooms, according to police. Detectives are unsure how the burglar knew the plants were there and are trying to determine if he knew the homeowner.

The plants reportedly were seized as evidence by police. It is unclear whether the marijuana was being grown for medicinal use.

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