A New York City man who was wrongly accused of dealing drugs at a convenience store is suing the city because police conducted an illegal body cavity search, his lawyer said Tuesday.

Shawn Schenck, 47, said he walked into the Bronx’s Green Valley Deli and Pizza last September to buy a pack of cigarettes when five cops arrested him and four other men, the New York Daily News reports.

Schenck claimed one of the cops dragged him outside and slipped on a rubber glove to feel his genitals in front of about 40 people. The officer reportedly asked “Where’s it at?” in reference to potentially hidden drugs.

Schenck, who had served time in the 1990s for a drug conviction, said police did not have a search warrant required for the probe.

A police spokeswoman denied the search happened, saying the cops only frisked him and pointed to surveillance footage that showed that Schenck was not involved with the other men.

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