Connecticut man investigated for allegedly dragging horse with pickup truck

Connecticut police are investigating a man for allegedly dragging a horse behind a pickup truck, WFSB-TV reported Monday.

Culver Modisette, 86, admitted that he was "not very familiar" with his pet horse after angry neighbors reported him for tying a nylon strap to the animal and pulling it behind the truck.

Modisette said the horse escaped early Sunday into a neighbor's yard. He attached the strap to the horse and then began to drag it back home behind his pickup until his neighbors stepped in and stopped him.

"What else was I going to do? I've got to bring her down -- I can't leave her up there," Modisette told WFSB. "I was just trying to get her down in her stable for her breakfast and apples and so forth."

Modisette said the horse was in good health.

The matter is under investigation by the Connecticut State Police and Stafford Springs animal control officers.

Police said animal cruelty charges may be filed against Modisette.

Newscore contributed to this report.