The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is desperately trying to find a missing red panda who was last seen Tuesday night.

According to a Facebook post, staff members have been extensively searching the dense vegetation in and around her habitat and throughout the zoo. As a precaution, other animals living nearby have been moved so their habitats can be searched too.

“Footage from the den camera and security cameras located through the facility are being evaluated by staff, but so far, there have been no sightings or strong evidence of how she went missing,” the zoo explained.

They said she is a recent mother of two cubs who are still nursing. The care team is prepared to feed the cubs specialized formula if necessary.


“The Animal Care team believes she’s likely close by and that she may return on her own, due to her two cubs. Zoo staff are setting up an overnight watch to monitor the area.”

If you spot a small red mammal that weighs approximately 19 pounds with a long, fluffy striped tail, please call the zoo security dispatch number.

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