Cliven Bundy refuses to leave jail amid ongoing trial

Cliven Bundy, the 71-year-old rancher who sparked a national debate over states’ rights, refused a federal judge’s offer to be released from jail during his ongoing trial on Wednesday.

Bundy, who engaged in an armed standoff with government agents over a cattle round-up in 2014, turned down the judge’s option of house arrest while others involved in the standoff are still jailed awaiting trial.

A federal grand jury in Nevada indicted Cliven and four others on 16 charges related to the armed standoff near his ranch over unpaid grazing fees last year.

U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro, meantime, said Ammon Bundy and co-defendant Ryan Payne can be freed Thursday to home detention.

The judge also said another Bundy son, Ryan, can now split time between home and a halfway house while serving as his own attorney in the case.

The decision involving the four defendants came amid questions about whether federal prosecutors in Las Vegas have turned over complete evidence records to defense teams.

Bret Whipple, Cliven Bundy's attorney, told Fox News that a motion to dismiss the case entirely on Wednesday morning was denied. The court then unilaterally had a detention hearing regarding custody of the defendants.

It was subsequently granted that Cliven Bundy, Ammon Bundy and Ryan Payne be released from detention for the duration of the trial.

Fox News' Andrew Craft and The Associated Press contributed to this report.