California sisters fighting back after professor steals graphic pro-life sign

Two California sisters told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Thursday they are fighting back against a college professor who they say assaulted them and stole their pro-life signs because “no one has the right to take someone else’s property.”

Thrin Short, 16, and her sister Joan, 21, were part of an anti-abortion protest at the University of California, Santa Barbara when they were approached by Associate Professor Mireille Miller-Young. They say Miller-Young, who teachers feminist studies, grabbed the sign from them, and when they attempted to get it back, kicked and pushed them.

Thrin Short said on “The Kelly File” she feels Miller Young’s claim she had a “moral right” to take the signs are untrue, claiming that Miller-Young has herself shown graphic content in class.

“I’m sorry if these signs offended her in any way but, after all, she does teach, or show porn to her students so she’s not really the one to talk about offending images,” she said.

Joan Short says she believes if people are offended by the images they should take a closer look at the issue of abortion. She said she does not think she went too far by using graphic content to spread her message.

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“The pictures, yes, show violence after it happened but what is so much worse than the pictures is the violence itself,” she said. “And if we have to show what is happening out there to stop it then we have to go there and show it.”