BP: Tube siphons less oil from Gulf for 2nd day, though company has said rate would vary

COVINGTON, La. (AP) — The amount of oil siphoned by the mile-long tube inserted into the leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico has fallen again.

BP PLC spokesman John Curry told The Associated Press on Monday that the tube collected some 47,040 gallons of oil on Sunday. BP said that the siphon collected 57,120 gallons on Saturday and 92,400 gallons on Friday.

The company, which leased the rig and is responsible for the cleanup, has said that the amount of oil that the tube siphons will vary widely. BP said in a news release that the mile-long tube is "a new technology, and both its continued operation and its effectiveness in capturing the oil and gas remain uncertain."

Anger with the government and BP has grown as the monthlong oil spill creeps deeper into the Gulf Coast's wetlands.