Boston police are considering sending men who seek sex for a fee to a special program where they can learn about the impacts of sex trafficking.

Police tell the Boston Herald (http://bit.ly/2cHrdG4 ) the so-called "john school" is one of several initiatives being considered in a crackdown on sex trafficking that aims to reduce the online sex trade by 20 percent in a year.

The program is getting a $30,000 grant from Demand Abolition, a Cambridge advocacy group.

The head of the department's human trafficking unit says men who solicit sex think it's a victimless crime, but by attending a "john school," they can see the horrors of sex trafficking and even meet victims.

Proponents say if first-time drunken drivers can be sent to an education program, so can sex solicitors.


Information from: Boston Herald, http://www.bostonherald.com