Residents in a Massachusetts city just outside of Boston are on edge after a man there was knifed to death this week – and police say his attacker may be linked to another stabbing incident 10 days earlier.

Michael Starr, 54, was killed in Everett on Tuesday night as he was walking home from a store in what police are describing as a random attack. Just 10 days earlier, an unidentified man in his 20s was hospitalized after being stabbed on the same street, around the same time of night. As of Thursday, no one has been taken into custody for either incident.

“I feel like I’m stranded in my own house,” Linda Rogers, who lives in the area, told The Boston Herald.

The newspaper added that Rogers is afraid to leave her house while the attacker is still out there somewhere. “Not unless I call my son first,” she said. “Or maybe I’ll have to drive the block down to the store.”


Police haven’t confirmed yet if the two stabbings are related. In Tuesday’s attack, robbery doesn’t appear to be a motive, the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office added.

The suspect is described as being a male in his late 20s with a tan complexion. A police sketch shows him wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, a black knit hat, with a narrow nose and thin build.

Police have ramped up patrols in the area and are asking people to report any suspicious behavior they may have seen over the past few weeks.

Another Everett resident told the Boston Herald that the two recent attacks now have him looking behind his back wherever he goes.


Edward Arsenault, who is reported to live across from where Starr was killed Tuesday night, said he heard a commotion outside then a voice that appeared to be yelling “help!” Moments later, he claims to have spotted Starr lying on the ground next to his car, receiving medical treatment.

“It worries us because I moved here in 1980, and there hasn’t even been a break-in since then,” Arsenault said. “Before these two things happened, I’d never think about it, but now I’m going to be looking around behind my back and behind the porches and cars whenever I go anywhere.”

Fox News' Michael Sinkewicz contributed to this report.