Blind, howling pug's apology to neighbor goes viral

An adorable blind pug is making some noise on social media after his apology for his separation anxiety-induced howling went viral.

Charleston Chew is an 11-year-old dog who recently moved into a new Pittsburgh apartment with his owner, Sharla Wilson.

Charleston is nearly blind and because he is still getting used to his new surroundings, his separation anxiety has ramped up. Since the move, he’s been bumping into walls and will meander into a corner and start howling until he is rescued, Wilson told KDKA-TV.

His owner posted an apology to her new neighbors, which has gone viral.

“I’m am an old man now, with cataracts, and sometimes I get real scared because I can’t see where I am and can’t find my mom,” the note said. “As I get used to my new place, I will start to settle down. Thanks for being patient with me. I don’t mean to be such a pain.”

Wilson said the note was an apology for the pup’s loud wails.

“The sign basically explains he’s an old man now and he has cataracts,” Wilson said. “And he’s very sorry for howling.”

Megan Jones, who lives in the building, snapped a photo of the note and shared in on Twitter.

“You howl all you want Charleston, honey,” she wrote in her post.

The post blew up with more 449,000 likes and more than 121,000 retweets, so far.

Since the post went viral, Charleston now has his own Twitter account.

The first post: “You mean you accept my howls?”