Baltimore police officer who cut dog's throat while restraining it acquitted of all charges

A Baltimore police officer who slit a dog's throat while trying to restrain it was cleared of all charges stemming from the canine's death.

Jeffrey Bolger, a retired 20-year veteran of the department, was acquitted on Wednesday after a judge ruled there was insufficient evidence to convict.

Bolger faced animal cruelty and misconduct in office charges stemming from the June 14 incident when Bolger cut a 7-year-old Shar Pei's throat while trying to restrain the dog. The dog had previously bitten a pregnant woman, and Bolger and another officer involved in the incident thought the dog was dangerous.

Prosecutors argued that Bolger's actions were cruel and inhumane. Bolger had said he thought the dog had strangled itself on the dog pole, and he was trying to spare it additional pain.