After more than two decades on the run, a slippery suspect who eluded both the New York Police Department (NYPD) and the FBI by getting himself deported to Mexico is finally back in New York to face charges that he murdered his wife's brother, cops said.

Nikolay Natividad, 41, has been a suspect since July 1991 when his brother-in-law, Jamal Salas-Joya, was gunned down in front of horrified residents as he ran along Junction Boulevard in Queens.

The foxy fugitive fled to Mexico after the shooting, but brazenly returned to the US several times. He was even arrested on one of his return trips, but managed to slip away before cops could question him about the homicide, sources said.

Cops had their best shot at cracking the case in 2007, when the hot-headed Natividad was taken into custody for allegedly kicking a cab driver's door.

Even though Natividad gave an alias, cops were confident they had a murder suspect on their hands, and put a detainer on him while they scrambled to get witnesses together to make their murder case.

"He is Peruvian but he claimed to be a person illegally here from Mexico," one law enforcement source said. "He got put into a different file somehow and got himself deported."

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