Arizona woman thankful stranger killed her son during attack

A Phoenix woman who said her son was high on drugs when he attacked her Sunday night thanked the stranger who fatally shot the man during the attack.

Victoria Mendez, who was released from an area hospital after suffering stab wounds, did not see her son, Hakeem Shawky, in the months before the attack because he was suffering with a drug addiction, KPHO/KTVK reported. 

She told the station that her son popped his head into her car window to give her a kiss, but he instead started slashing at her throat and grabbing her. She got out of the car and he continued the assault, she said. Her screams alerted a neighbor, whom she did not know, who confronted Shawky with a gun.

"He [the neighbor] said, 'Stop or I’m going to shoot,'" she told the station. Her son continued the attack and was shot once, but he seemed unfazed, she said. The neighbor reportedly fired a second shot that ended the attack.

She said that the neighbor had no other option and did the right thing. She blamed crystal meth for her son's downfall.

"My son is very gentle and he's very loving, and he's a good boy," Mendez told the station. "But that thing wasn't him. I don't think parents understand what they're dealing with. It's a very, very dangerous business. Crystal meth is stealing our kids and turning them into murderers."