AP Poll: Most Democrats, Republicans support drone strikes against terrorists overseas

A new Associated Press-GfK poll shows that 6 in 10 Americans favor using drones to target and kill members of terrorist groups such as al-Qaida overseas, while only 13 percent are opposed. About 24 percent don't feel strongly either way.

By a wider margin, nearly three-quarters of Americans say it's acceptable for the U.S. to kill an American citizen abroad if that person is part of a terrorist organization.

The poll released Friday shows support for unmanned targeted killing crossing party lines.

Nearly 6 in 10 Democrats favor using drones to target terrorist groups, while only 16 percent are opposed. Among Republicans, 72 percent are in favor and only 10 percent are opposed.

Independents are more ambivalent, with 45 percent in favor and 12 percent opposed.