AP Exclusive: Parents of teen who shot friend say it was 'tragic accident'; jury to hear case

The parents of a Montana teenager who shot and killed a friend as he knocked on his bedroom window late at night say he shouldn't face criminal charges.

They told The Associated Press in an exclusive interview that the shooting was a tragic accident and they blame themselves for allowing the teen to keep a loaded revolver in his room.

The May shooting has revived the debate over the so-called Castle Doctrine that sometimes allows the use of lethal force to defend one's home. It's also raised questions about the 17-year-old shooter's easy access to the handgun, given his age.

Fifteen-year-old MacKeon "Mackey" Schulte was killed as he and another boy tried to wake up Seth Culver at about 2:30 a.m.

A prosecutor will put the case before a special jury to decide on charges.