All shaken up: Owner reunited with sentimental snow globe

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When Michael Moore was forced to throw away a liquid-filled snow globe before going through airport security, he was heartbroken: It had been a gift from his parents to celebrate his and his wife's adoption of a 5-year-old girl. A couple who picked up on Moore's distress retrieved the sparkling, silver globe and yelled after him as he ran to catch a flight from Florida to Ohio that they would get it back to him somehow.

That was in February. On Wednesday, Ivelise Amarri Hernandez personally handed the keepsake over to Moore's emotional mother, Linda Modry, who had bought the globe in January and decorated it with photos of Moore, his wife, their dog and their new daughter.

Modry said it was a good thing it was raining when she picked up the globe, "because we were all crying."