Alabama police officer claims he was denied service at fast-food restaurant

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An Alabama police officer said he was denied service at a fast food restaurant and the chain’s spokesperson agreed that “the service he experienced was unacceptable.”

The officer, who hasn’t been identified, allegedly waited at a Krystal drive-thru window for 10 minutes without being served or even acknowledged, Irondale Police Chief Kevin Atkinson told FOX11.

When the officer went inside the establishment, two workers at the counter allegedly walked to the back of the restaurant in clear view of the officer for several minutes, Atkinson said to Eventually, one of the employees allegedly walked up to the counter – still without acknowledging the officer – and yelled that she had to use the bathroom. After waiting for several more minutes, the officer left.

“The bottom line is, without the partnership of the community, we can’t do our job,” Atkinson said. “You know they need us and we need them.”

A Krystal spokeswoman said video surveillance largely backed up the officer’s claims.

“We can also verify that the service he experienced was unacceptable, but it was also unacceptable for the other three guests in front of him at the counter and at the drive-thru,” spokeswoman Kim Miller told “The service levels were unacceptable for all of our guests during that time period. The officer was not targeted, but neither he nor our other guests received the level of service they should.”