Alabama man shoots friend he met at VA hospital before killing himself

A 74-year-old man fatally shot his friend-- whom he had met at an Alabama Veterans Affairs hospital-- before killing himself over the weekend, police said.

Larry Vann, 74, on Saturday fired two shots into the stomach of Roger Withington, 68, at his home in Central, Ala. before taking his own life with a bullet to the head, the Montgomery Adviser reported, citing the Elmore County Sheriff’s Office.

Two witnesses were home during the shootings, resulting in “an open and shut case of a tragic murder-suicide,” Sheriff Bill Franklin told paper.

The two men met each other at the VA hospital and became friends over time, with Vann eventually moving into Withington’s house, police said.

The pair had a history of getting into arguments, which was the case in Saturday’s shootings after Vann approached Withington, who was sitting in a recliner, over noises the 68-year-old was making, according to authorities.

Both Vann and Withington were pronounced dead at the scene.