Accused Russian Spy Videos Released

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It may look like a spy thriller.

But the government says its real.

The F.B.I. has released tapes of alleged Russian sleeper spies in action here in the U.S., showing how they passed messages, cash and information.

One video shows the most famous of the accused spies, Anna Chapman sitting down with the person she thinks is her Russian handler, but who really is an undercover F.B.I. agent.

They are sitting in a coffee shop allegedly discussing how to slip a fake passport to another Russian by using a secret code phrase.

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The F.B.I. says another video shows accused spy Michael Zottoli reportedly digging up a secret buried stash of cash.

Chapman is also seen browsing in a Manhattan department store, where they say she was secretly transmitting information to a Russian official who was standing outside, using a computer wireless network.

Move video evidence captures a suspect as he brushes by a Russian official at a train station. The F.B.I. says they were actually passing money.

The 10 alleged spies were exchanged in a cold war style swap last year.

Chapman, the daughter of a Russian diplomat, became an international sensation as a model, and Russian television personality following the swap.

She graced the cover of Maxim magazine in skimpy lingerie and her social life at Manhattan nightclubs was splashed across the tabloids, which documented her in a slinky cocktail dresses, and she still has her Facebook page including pictures which show her posing provocatively.

When the accused spies returned to Moscow, they were given Russia's highest honors at a special ceremony at the Kremlin last October. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, a former top K.G.B. agent himself, praised them lavishly, saying that they sacrificed their lives "for the motherland."