9-Year-Old Boy Picked up by Funnel Cloud in Florida

A tornado reportedly touched down over water and briefly came onto land in Volusia County but caused little damage.

Edgewater fire-rescue officials say the waterspout formed over the Indian River just after noon Wednesday. It blew ashore between a marina and an apartment complex, damaging the roof of one residence before lifting a small boat off its trailer and dropping it onto a pickup truck.

Marshall Labiak thought it was just another storm headed his way. "I was like okay, it will pass over in a few seconds." But the 9 year old soon realized that he was about to come head to head with a water spout.

"Then I saw a big white thing coming down the canal. Then it just hit me and threw me 5 feet up in the air."

Marshall was standing outside his clubhouse. When the water spout appeared his mother started running across the parking lot screaming his name.

"Very scary. I was kind of running in the air and then I started running to my mom and we were both screaming each others names at the same time."

Marshall's mother reached for her son, Mother Nature took the child along for the thrill of his life. "A real fast roller coaster ride. You could feel it take you up and spinning very fast then you felt it letting you down."

The funnel cloud continued northwest, ripping flashing from another home. No injuries were reported.

The National Weather Service in Melbourne confirmed a report of a funnel cloud being sighted and issued a tornado warning for the region later Wednesday afternoon.

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