75-year-old Missouri woman testifies she shot husband in Wyoming in 1970s to protect daughter

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An elderly Missouri woman on trial in Wyoming says she shot her husband in the mid-1970s to protect her toddler daughter.

Seventy-five-year-old Alice Uden, of Chadwick, Missouri, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Ronald Holtz.

Uden testified Tuesday she shot the 25-year-old at their home in Cheyenne. She says Holtz drove a taxi at night and became enraged when Uden's 2-year-old daughter cried while he was trying to sleep.

She says Holtz stormed into the girl's room, and she shot him next to the crib.

Prosecutors say Uden shot her husband as he slept.

Police arrested her and 71-year-old Gerald Uden in September. Gerald Uden has pleaded guilty to murdering his ex-wife and her two children in central Wyoming in 1980.

Prosecutors haven't linked the cases.