7-year-old South Carolina boy discovers bag of cash stashed away at gas station

A 7-year-old South Carolina boy made the find of a lifetime while he was journeying with dad to the toy store Tuesday.

According to WBMF-TV, Shane Steele and his son had stopped at a gas station in Horry County while on their way to Toys ‘R’ Us. Steele was filling up the air in his vehicle’s tires when his son found a $20 bill with red dye all over it. Steele went inside the store and asked if the bill was real.

After buying his son a Gatorade, the boy went to deposit the drink’s plastic wrapping into the trash bin and found a horde of money stashed away.

Steele told WBTW-TV he called police right after discovering the money.

“It was a surreal moment,” he said. “That will probably never happen again in my lifetime, finding that much money.”

Steele said it was a teachable moment for his son.

“The moral lesson for him to do what’s right and that will be the best path and he feels great about what we did,” he explained.

The boy told WBTW-TV that he never thought about keeping the money.

Police said they were searching for Brian Humphries Jr., 35, in connection with two bank robberies that occurred at the end of January. Humphries allegedly robbed a Conway National Bank on Jan. 23 and then hit a TD Bank on Jan. 28.

Steele’s son received awards for integrity and for caring after finding the cash.

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Ryan Gaydos is a news editor for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter @Gaydosland.