$50G lottery winner fatally shot outside Lady Luck Pub, report says

A Cleveland man who claimed a $50,000 scratch-off lottery prize just last week didn't stay alive long enough to spend the money.

The victim, identified as Isaac Carson Jr., 37, was fatally shot Tuesday outside Cleveland’s Lady Luck Pub, family and friends said.

Carosn, 37, was shot in the abdomen after an altercation outside the pub, police and family members told the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Carson's father, mother and brother and friends told the newspaper that they believe he was targeted, because it became known that he had won money.

"I told him on Monday to not tell too many people about the money," his father Issac Carson Sr. said. "The next day they killed him."

Family and friends said Carson “talked extensively” about the money he won because he was so happy. He also told friends he was thinking about starting his own business.

Cleveland police have not released a motive for the slaying, the report said.

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