5 in health care fraud case face charges in witness' death

A Louisiana man convicted in a multi-million dollar health care fraud scheme in 2013 now faces federal charges — along with four other men — in the 2012 slaying of a witness in the case, federal prosecutors said Wednesday.

Louis Age Jr., 68, his son Louis Age III, 47, and three others face multiple charges that include conspiracy to obstruct justice by murder and conspiracy to commit murder for hire. They were charged by a grand jury last month in an indictment that was unsealed Tuesday.

The U.S. Attorney's Office in New Orleans said all are in custody.

Each faces a possible death sentence if convicted.

One defendant, Stanton Guillory, 23, has pleaded not guilty. Court appearances were pending for the others Wednesday.

Other defendants include Kendrick Johnson, 40, and Ronald Wilson, 43.

The indictment says each "intentionally killed or caused to be killed Milton Womack" to keep him from testifying in the trial of Age Jr.

Womack, 60, was a former employee of Age Jr. in a health care business implicated in a $17 million fraud scheme. He was shot to death in New Orleans in July 2012.

Despite the witness death, Age Jr. was convicted months later. He is serving a 15-year sentence. His ex-wife was sentenced to five years in the case.