2 new 'Jane Doe' victims should be barred from joining rich sex offender lawsuit

Federal prosecutors say two women claiming to be victims of wealthy sex offender Jeffrey Epstein cannot join in a lawsuit seeking to reopen Epstein's 2008 plea agreement.

The women, identified only as Jane Doe No. 3 and Jane Doe No. 4, sought late last year to take part in the 2008 case brought by two other women. All four claim they were victimized as minors by Epstein, who pleaded guilty to state underage sex and prostitution solicitation charges but escaped federal prosecution.

Prosecutors say in court papers filed late Tuesday that the two new Jane Does must be barred by time limitations.

Jane Doe No. 3 made international headlines by claiming in a court document that Epstein required her to have sex with Britain's Prince Andrew. Buckingham Palace vehemently denied the allegation.