2 killed, 2 hurt outside Anchorage bar; no arrests

A man repeatedly shot another man in the parking lot of an Anchorage bar, with several shots fired at point-blank range even though the victim had his arm in the air in an apparent defensive position, a witness said Monday.

The body moved a little less with each shot.

"You could tell by the way the body reacted, there was no more life," said the witness, who asked to remain anonymous due to fear of retribution.

Police responded to J.J.'s Lounge on the city's east side just after midnight Monday to find two people dead and two others wounded. Police were looking for a suspect or suspects who apparently fled on foot.

The body of one man was in the bar's parking lot, police spokesman Lt. Dave Parker said. The other victim was found nearby in the southbound lane of Muldoon Road, a major north-south thoroughfare.

Two other victims were rushed to a hospital. A woman was taken immediately to surgery and was in critical condition, Parker said. The witness said the female victim was the girlfriend of the man killed in the parking lot.

The other victim, a man, was shot in the arm and was still hospitalized, Parker said.

Police were not immediately releasing the number of suspects or the victims' names.

The witness saw the shooting outside the bar and said the shooter, a large, solidly built man walked toward the victim on the ground.

"The shooter kept continuously shooting at him, as he got up over him point-blank range, he was just shooting downward," into his head, the witness said.

At one point, he walked away from the victim then returned, shooting several more times from about three feet away, the person said.

The other man disappeared into a mobile home park but the shooter talked to a man in a white car who stopped on the street, the witness said.

The car then turned into the trailer park, and the man also disappeared in that direction. the person said.

Parker said many people scattered after the shooting.

"There was a report of a vehicle leaving, and there were reports of people leaving on foot," he said. "They may be witnesses, who knows? There were quite a few people involved, and some just disappeared."

Parker said police received numerous calls about the shootings.

"It was neighbors and bartenders and all kinds," he said.

Witnesses were questioned throughout the morning, and Parker said expected details such as how many guns were involved to become more clear.

"We'll figure that out as detectives work through the statements the witnesses are making," he said.

The shooting was first reported by the Anchorage Daily News.