2 accused of selling pot brownies for 'Kush Gods' business in DC are released

Two people accused of selling marijuana brownies and other pot-laced edibles in Washington for a business known as "Kush Gods" have been released from custody.

Court records show 30-year-old Nicholas Cunningham and 18-year-old Evonne Lidoff were released after their initial appearances on Tuesday. They've been ordered to stay away from the nightlife districts in the nation's capital where police say they were operating.

Police also seized three vehicles painted with a marijuana-leaf design. According to online advertisements, the "Kush Gods" provided edible pot in exchange for "donations."

Possession of marijuana is legal in the District of Columbia, but it's illegal to sell it. Cunningham told The Washington Post on Tuesday that he believes his business is legal. Attorneys for the two defendants did not immediately return messages on Wednesday.